Please note the following:

  • 1. Our warranty policy starts from the date when we invoice you.
  • 2. The warranty policy for each product may vary depending on the manufacturer’s or supplier’s policy.
  • 3. To understand more about the warranty policy for a specific product, please contact our Customer Service department: 714-408-2225

Cases outside the warranty policy: 714-408-2225

The following cases will not be covered by the Manufacturer’s free warranty policy:

  • • Product warranty expires.
  • • Products that have been modified or repaired by unauthorized service centers will not be covered by the warranty.
  • Products installed, maintained, and used incorrectly according to the Manufacturer’s instructions cause damage.

Besides, the warranty mechanism is not valid for common errors that do not come from the manufacturer such as:

  • Product defects due to water, liquid, and dirt
  • • The product is deformed, cracked, dented, and severely scratched due to external impacts.
  • • The product has mold, rust or is corroded or oxidized by chemicals.
  • • Products damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, insects,..