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Deep massage: Benefits and side effects

1. What is deep massage?

Deep tissue massage is a comprehensive massage technique used primarily to treat musculoskeletal problems such as muscle strains and sports injuries. It involves applying constant pressure to the body by performing slow, deep strokes to target the deep layers of muscles and connective tissues.
From there, deep massage helps break down scar tissue that forms after injury, while reducing muscle and tissue tension. Besides, it also promotes faster healing of muscles and bones by increasing blood flow to the injured area and effectively reducing inflammation.

2. Benefits of deep massage

Deep tissue massage offers both physical and psychological benefits. Unlike other massage techniques that mainly focus on relaxation, deep massage helps treat muscle pain and improve joint stiffness. Besides, it also helps patients relax mentally. A study conducted in 2014 on 59 people found: Deep tissue massage reduces pain in people with chronic low back pain. It has similar effects to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.
In addition, deep tissue massage also helps support the treatment of cases: Sports injuries, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, high blood pressure, elbow injuries,…
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3. Deep massage process

The deep massage process is performed as follows:
Before deep tissue massage, the massage therapist will ask the patient about areas with health problems. Deep tissue massage can be performed on the entire body (full body massage) or focused on just one area;
When the patient is ready, the patient is asked to lie on their back or stomach. Need to undress in areas being massaged;
The massage therapist will gently massage to warm up the patient’s muscles. Then, they will use pressing, deep stroking, etc. with different pressures.

4. Side effects of deep tissue massage

After a deep massage, the patient may have pain that lasts for several days. To relieve pain, patients can apply hot or cold compresses. Although massage therapy is generally safe, deep tissue massage uses very strong pressure and may not be safe for some people. Accordingly, people with a history of blood clotting or blood clotting disorders; are taking blood thinners; have a bleeding disorder; If you have cancer or are undergoing cancer treatment (chemotherapy or radiation therapy), you should talk to your doctor before having a deep tissue massage.
People with osteoporosis or cancer that has spread to the bones should avoid deep massage because strong pressure can cause bone fractures. In addition, pregnant women should not have deep tissue massage. Instead, you can choose a gentler form of massage such as Swedish massage. People with open wounds or skin infections need to schedule a deep massage accordingly to avoid the condition of old wounds from getting worse.
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5. Difference between deep massage and Swedish massage

Deep massage and Swedish massage are two different forms of massage. They have some of the following differences:
Purpose: Deep tissue massage is primarily performed to treat chronic pain and muscle or sports injuries. Swedish massage is mainly used to help the body relax and reduce muscle tension due to daily activities;
Pressure: Swedish massage is a gentler form of massage and uses lower pressure than deep tissue massage. Both forms involve using the palms and fingers to massage the muscles. However, deep tissue massage also uses the elbows and forearms to apply stronger pressure on the muscles;
Impact area: Deep tissue massage focuses on the inner layers of the muscle. It is performed to treat muscle and tendon injuries, pain and stiffness in major muscle groups and joints. Swedish massage focuses on the outer muscle layers and tense body parts such as the neck, shoulders and back.
Deep massage is suitable for people who participate in high physical activities such as jogging or people with injuries, chronic pain, etc. For people with a low pain threshold or looking to reduce muscle tension, they can choose different types of massage. more gentle massage. And for people with underlying medical conditions, you need to talk to your doctor before deciding on deep tissue massage.
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