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What is herbal massage?

From the perspective of traditional medicine, herbs are medicines that bring many health benefits. For that reason, herbal massage has been widely used to improve the health of each person. So what is herbal massage? What are the benefits of this therapy? Let’s find out right here.

1. What is herbal massage?

We often know manual massage, but herbal massage is a new form. When performing, the massage therapist will use heated herbal bags and move them over the entire body or the area you want to massage with a corresponding force.
The herbal bag will contain plants that have positive effects on health such as eucalyptus, ginger, lemongrass, lemon, etc. Thereby, they help dispel fatigue, detoxify, and relax the mind. ..

2.1. Reduce the feeling of pain and fatigue

One of the typical effects of herbal massage is pain relief. The heat from the herbal compresses will penetrate the skin, warm the body and thereby stimulate blood circulation through acupuncture point massages. At the same time, they also improve blood circulation and reduce stress in the muscles and joints. Thereby, they will help reduce pain and fatigue effectively. This is especially useful for those who are sedentary or the elderly.
massage thảo dược
Herbal massage helps reduce pain and fatigue

2.2. Helps relax the mind

The natural herbs contained in the herbal bag have a pleasant aroma and are good for health. On the other hand, when combined with massage movements, they will increase effectiveness and help the body relax effectively. They stimulate the body to secrete hormones that bring a feeling of joy. Thereby, reducing feelings of tension and stress quickly.

2.3. Helps beautify skin

One of the great uses that herbal massage brings to the body is beauty. The warmth from herbs helps enhance the ability to eliminate toxins from inside to outside. Thanks to this, the skin will become more rosy and softer. In particular, massage movements also act as physical exercise. Thanks to that, they help skin become firm and healthy naturally.

2.4. Helps reduce excess fat

In addition to health care, massaging the body with herbal therapy also helps us reduce body fat. Under the influence of heat and massage movements, they will accelerate the process of eliminating toxins and excess fat. Thanks to this, the body will become slimmer and firmer. It can be said that herbal massage is a great way to lose weight for everyone.
massage thảo dược
Herbal massage helps reduce excess fat

2.5. Helps improve sleep quality

When receiving a massage, our body will completely relax. Thanks to that, people will easily fall asleep and sleep more deeply. Thereby, they will help improve sleep quality comprehensively. This can be considered a great solution for those who have sleep problems.

3. Who is herbal massage suitable for?

With a series of uses for both physical health, mental health and beauty, herbal massage is suitable for almost everyone. Especially the following subjects:
People with insomnia or difficulty sleeping.
People who often have to work under high pressure.
People who are sedentary often have to stand for long periods of time to work.
People with muscle and joint pain.
People who want to relax deeply.
In addition, people with cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, high blood pressure, respiratory failure, open wounds or infectious problems, dermatitis… should not apply this massage method. You can refer to therapeutic support products such as massage chairs to take care of your whole body health.

4. Some notes when doing herbal massage

To achieve the highest effectiveness when using herbal massage, we need to pay attention to the following issues:

4.1. Choose quality herbal bags

To ensure effectiveness, you need to choose a quality herbal bag. It’s best to buy from reputable and trustworthy places. If you choose poor quality bags, they can lead to negative health effects.
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